When the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (AACP) identified podcasting as the ideal way to increase the community’s awareness of their work, they chose C2M as their Podcast Partner.

The creation of a podcast series, in essence is straight forward; come up with an idea, record, and publish.

Ensuring a podcast meets the expectations of the listener, and producing content that is delivered in an engaging manner, takes more consideration. Add in naming, artwork, distribution and promotion, and there’s more to think about.

This article provides an overview of the approach we took in producing the AACP’s six-episode podcast, Collaborative Conversations.

The AACP represents professionals – family lawyers, child consultants, psychologists and financial specialists who practice within the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice (ICP) framework. ICP is a form of dispute resolution, and is an option particularly in family law matters.

The team at AACP understood the benefits of having a podcast as part of their marketing strategy; a personal medium that is accessible, and available for when the listener wants to listen.

The AACP lead on the project, ICP Professional David Roberts, explains the context around the AACP’s decision.

“In Australia each year there are just under 50,000 divorces and for most of these couples, they have never heard about ICP. Yet from all the experience, and evidence we have here in Australia and internationally, we know that ICP is less stressful, more cost efficient and certainly better for children than other traditional approaches, such as litigation.”

  • 91% of Australians are aware of podcasting
  • 37% (up from 25% in 2020) listened to a podcast in the last month
  • 26% (up from 17% in 2020) listened in the last week
  • Of the 37% who listened in the last month, 87% have listened ‘at home’
  • 73% have used their smartphone/tablet/portable device ‘to listen to a podcast’

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With the AACP clear on their strategy, we then worked through the three stages of producing a podcast;

  1. Naming, episode format, music, artwork
  2. Scripting, interview, recording, editing
  3. Distribution, promotion, analysis

The AACP had already put thought into the topics and content for each episode, and had identified their presenters.

First stage was to get the eleven presenters together and talk through the process, and our approach to the recordings. This was an opportunity for the presenters to ask questions, and to become familar and comfortable with the process.

A second call was made to the presenters for each epiosde. Some episodes had three presenters, others two and one. We reviewed the question structure, answered any questions, all the time ensuring they were comfortable with the recording process. For many this was their first time being interviewed.

In consultation with the group, the name, Collaborative Conversations was chosen. Original artwork and music were sourced by C2M.

C2M set up the Podcasting Hosting Platform. For this project we used Whooshkaa.

Interviews for each episode were held over phone, recording through the Rodecaster PRO.

Why choose Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Bernie Bolger and Jamie Burreket

The value of three professionals working together Bernie Bolger, Susan Warda and Simeon Levin

How best to support and include your children following parental separation Bianca Roche-Bolger

The benefits of including Professional Neutrals in your negotiations Danielle Lundberg and Julie Gray

Making divorce less traumatic for children Gloria Hawke and Valerie Norton

Building Your Collaborative Practice Marguerite Picard

Collaborative Conversations Podcast David Roberts

Each episode was produced and reviewed by those involved. Episodes were launched with support across social media, email, and on the AACP website. A ‘Trailer’ episode was created so when the firts episode was launched Collaborative Conversations was already available on podcast channels.

Episode links were sent to the speakers, who were able to share episodes across their marketing channels, and with their referral networks. A transcript of each episode also appears on the AACP website.

If you search ‘collaborative conversations podcast’, it’s likely to appear on Page 1 of your search results.

I would very much recommend working with Wallace to anyone who was needing assistance in collaborating on digital products. Wallace was warm, professional and quickly put me at ease. It was a really positive experience creating a podcast with Wallace and his expertise and reassurance was greatly appreciated. Was very happy with the final product he crafted.

Bianca Roche-Bolger

Principal, The Mediation Collective

This project had all the hallmarks of a successful collaboration.

The client had thought through the reason why they wanted a podcast, had considered what they wanted to say, and to whom.

We were able to help refine their messaging, create a podcast format that worked and assisted them in delivering their messages, in an informative and professional way.

Investing in a podcast, as part of their marketing strategy was a considered decision by the AACP. They focussed on delivering their message and C2M managed the rest.

The AACP now have a podcast available at a time when podcast listening is becoming increasingly more popular with Australians.

Podcasts provide Associations with another channel to communicate with internal and external audiences. Podcasts listeners have a more intimate connection with a podcast, than say with email.

Podcasts are accessible, and are an efficient way for organisations to produce content, being able to be shared easily across multiple platforms.

If you’d like to know more about podcasting, and how we can assist please contact Wallace Long on 0438 33 44 62.

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