Collaborative Conversations Podcast


Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice (ICP) professional, David Roberts explains what the Collaborative Conversations Podcast is about, who it’s for and what topics will be covered.

The Collaborative Conversations Podcast is brought to you by the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (AACP).

AACP is the national body representing ICP in Australia.

Collaborative Conversations

In Australia each year there are about 50,000 divorces and for most of these couples going through this very challenging time they’ve never heard about Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice (ICP).

Yet from all the experience and evidence we have both here in Australia and internationally, we know that ICP is less stressful, more cost efficient and certainly better for children than other traditional approaches, such as litigation.

So we wanted to tell as many people as we could about it, and that’s how the podcast series was born.

You know, just one measure of how popular ICP has become around the globe is that it started in the 1990s, and now it’s really taken off throughout America, Canada, the UK and most European countries.


Collaborative Conversations

So what we’ve done here at the AACP is bring together some of the leading ICP experts in Australia.

Professionals who have had additional training to their qualifications as family lawyers or financial specialists or psychologists or child consultants to provide information and insights from their own experience with ICP.

Each of the podcasts has its own focus, such as why choose ICP, how to make divorce and separation less traumatic for your children, and the value of three professionals, family lawyer, coach and financial neutral working together.

As a result, this is a series first and foremost for anyone going through a separation and divorce, it really is a must listen. But also anyone who knows someone else who is going through separation, or for anyone who has a family member going through separation. It really is a landmark series with a simple title, Collaborative Conversations.

We hope it will provide anyone who listens to it with a really good understanding of the way to negotiate their separation in relation to both financial as well as parenting matters in a way that is less stressful, really cost effective and minimises the impact of their separation on their children.


C2M organised the creation of the artwork and original music for the show.

With the clients’ brief for each episode in hand we contacted each guest, mapped out the episode, finalised questions, recorded and edited each episode.

Links were sent to the client for uploading to their website, email newsletter and social channels.