The IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON COMMUNITY SPORT report collected data from over 4000 clubs, over 100 different sports from every state and territory. It highlighted that if financial help is not forthcoming, 1 in 4 of these community sporting clubs will face insolvency. Patrick Walker CEO Australian Sports Foundation emphasises the huge role that sporting clubs play in our community life. ‘They are so important for physical and mental health that it would be a social crisis if we lose anything like that number of clubs. And we can’t allow it to happen.’

Patrick explains how the report is being used to source funding for clubs in need. Clubs can connect with Australian Sports Foundation.

((14:50)) ‘Any local sports club that is in need of support/funding can get in touch with Australian Sports Foundation Register to access fundraising tools, support and assistance in the immediate term to help with short term funding needs. The report is being used to raise funds for clubs in need. By connecting with the Australian Sports Foundation you are on our radar and once we raise funds we will be able to distribute to clubs in need and that are connected with us.