Welcome to the Feeney Family Law Wellness Podcast.

The team at Feeney Family Law have created this podcast, to help lawyers stay healthy.

In this first episode, Finding what works for you Feeney Family Law Senior Associate, Charles Letts speaks with Montana Morais, Principal at McInnes Wilson Lawyers about their lives as lawyers, and finding what works for you.

Montana shares with us her career for a boutique law firm to being a principal at a large firm, managing a team on nine and the different stresses between the two.

You’ll hear Montana and Charles discuss mentors, marketing yourself, building a career, staying well, managing emails, knowing when to switch off and the pressures at different stages of their careers.

They share insights as to how they managed situations and provide practical tips of managing the stress of being a lawyer.

Have they got it all worked out? A must listen for young lawyers and those entering the profession keen to find what works for them.

1:15 Welcome. Meeting Montana.

2:00 What does a principal role entail for you?

3:35 How do you manage a team whilst being a lawyer yourself?

4:10 How did your career in the law start?

4:30 Can you describe the transition from small firm to now being a principal at a large firm

6:35 Being a lawyer in itself is stressful.

9:12 What do you find works best for you from a wellness perspective?

17:12 Did you have a particularly stressful period in your career?

20:50 How did you find the mentoring process across a boutique firm and a larger firm?

27:30 What have your mentors helped you with?

28:55 Business development and networking

31:00 Creating your own personal brand. Getting known in a large firm.

33:15 Marketing yourself

39:05 What would you have liked to have known in your last year of Uni?

43:00 Finding what works for you.

44:25 Finding an area of law that’s right for you

45:50 There are many ways to build a career

48:45 Each area of law has its own different stress points

50:25 When did you feel you had it all figured out?

Montana Morais, Principal, McInnes Wilson Lawyers



Charles Letts, Senior Associate, Feeney Family Law



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