Established in 2010 and working across Australia, C2M’s clients include local, state and national clubs, associations and foundations in the not-for-profit community, health and sporting sectors.

I’ve consulted to the not-for-profit sector for over twenty years. I understand the challenges facing not-for-profits, with many being run by volunteers with either none, or a small amount of paid administrative support.

More than ever it is imperative that organisations are clear on their strategic objectives and, have an achievable plan to meet these objectives.

With a background in planning for clients in the advertising and marketing sectors I have worked with not-for-profits to ensure their ongoing viability. Our planning process identifies their key strategic pillars and, then we work to definine specific projects.

Project planning, accessing networks and utilising members’ time respectfully and effectively has seen our client’s achieve their objectives.

I have been involved in local, state and national boards; Sturt Baseball Club, Gymnastics South Australia and BBM Youth Support.

I am a member of;

    • Australian Institute of Company Directors
    • The Research Society
    • Australian Marketing Institute
    • Fundraising Institute Australia

Wallace Long MAICD,


Founder & Director, C2M Consulting

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