Discovery & Planning Session

This session is a mix of discovery, about your business and industry; education, current business, marketing and communications; and planning, of your priorities.

Through this process we aim to understand your business objectives and with you develop an actionable marketing and communications plan.

We may cover other business areas and these items will be listed and prioritised, identifying which of your existing partners is best to work on these.

There may be questions that can't be answered during this session. This may require additional research after the session.

After the first session a draft plan is prepared and forwarded to you for review.

Plan is finalised.

Our cost for the first session, draft plan and working with you to finalise the plan is $3,500.00 (+gst).

Ongoing Consultancy

This will depend of what is identified through the D&P Session and what you decide to action.

As we move forward one approach you may like to consider is a combination of face-to-face and phone contact.

2-3 hours face-to-face a month. Weekly phone calls.

Monthly $3,000.00 (+gst)

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