The need to fully engage and ‘capture’ potential patients when they first make contact was the reason a Sydney Fertility Centre approached C2M for assistance.

As part of a considered strategy, C2M developed a full patient communications plan for Westmead Fertility Centre (WFC) incorporating a new logo, website, digital and social media and traditional print booklets.


According to C2M Director, Wallace Long, it was a matter of carefully considering a patient’s practical information needs together with their emotional state-of-mind.

“We had to map out a patient’s journey and ensure that from their very first contact with WFC, the patient would be given relevant information with follow-up communications and encouragement every step of the way,” Wallace said.

“In a sense we wanted to have a series of communication points that would lead them to Westmead Fertility Centre as their natural choice for treatment.”

The new logo represents the ‘puffball’ of the dandelion ‒ a symbol of hope, fertility and of wishes come true. It also incorporates circular elements to symbolise the process of cell division that occurs during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Interactivity is a major part of the relaunched website with users able to book online appointments, register for information seminars and order booklets on its services. It also has a patient-only section allowing for direct communication with nurses and useful information on medications and procedures.

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