Faced with the challenge of modernising a well-loved logo of a respected medical society while still respecting its heritage, C2M took a de-constructive approach.

The Australian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society required a fresh look in order to better promote its services to the medical community and to the general public alike.

As the logo was originally designed by the late Professor Christopher O’Brien, a well-respected figure, C2M’s approach was to separate and simplify the existing design elements. The result was a striking, contemporary design that brought the society’s name to the forefront.

According to the Society’s Dr Kerwin Shannon, the graphic logo was an instant hit with the Executive Committee.

“Sitting alongside the name, it is a striking but quite simple emblem,” he said.

C2M Director, Wallace Long said that by letting certain elements shine while replacing others, the original ‘busy’ logo with its strong historical significance was still recognisable but in a more relevant way that reflected the society’s current ambitions.

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