The Modern Consumer

5 key shifts in consumer behaviour

VIDEO (01:05) Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Lai reveals five key shifts in consumer behaviours, attitudes, and expectations that fuel customer empowerment.

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Google Marketing Next - Keynote

VIDEO (1:05:48) 23 May 2017 presentation provides insights into consumer behaviour through search on mobile.

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How and why customers are empowered

PODCAST (23:16) Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Lai shares why companies need to think about customers in the context of their motivations (not just demographics or current behaviours) and measure predictive factors to get ahead of rising customer expectations and potential churn.

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86% of Australians 14+ have a smartphone

Nielsen data that reinforces the need for Smartphone friendly website design.

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Email Marketing

E-Commerce Email Marketing 101

11 Must-Have Emails. If you’re like most e-commerce marketers, email marketing is an integral part of your business.

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Cart abandonment emails best practice

You could more than double your conversion rate of abandoned carts by following these email best practices.

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Social Media

Best time to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Timing is everything on social media...

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7 Tech Trends That Will Shake Up Content Marketing in 2018

Tech is changing everything... rapid advances in technology are revolutionising just about every area of our lives and work, including content marketing.

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