Established in 1997, Rehab on the Move is an inter-disciplinary team of highly experienced Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Case Managers who provide rehabilitation and therapy services.


Rehab on the Move wanted to promote its Body Brain Fitness Program developed to help delay memory loss and slow down dementia for the elderly and those with a disability. The aim was to provide information and news to their existing clients and their families as well as promoting it to potential patients and the ‘referral group’ of allied health professionals.

Our solution

Rather than being one of many services and programs that are part of Rehab on the Move, the Body Brain Fitness Program was given a unique image with a new logo, website, e-news and series of brochures. In this way, the information was easily accessible and the program could be effectively promoted to its two distinct audiences – the ageing population and those with a disability.

The elements of the campaign included:

  • logo – a unique look that kept some elements and colour palette of its parent company for consistency and identification
  • website featuring sample exercises, team photos and biographies, program information and latest news
  • E-news containing images and original news stories about the program fed through Facebook and Twitter and dispersed to patients, their families and healthcare professionals
  • series of promotional brochures for display in healthcare practices.

C2M Director, Wallace Long said that marketing the Body Brain Fitness Program presented an interesting challenge because its parent company, Rehab on the Move included eight different rehabilitation practices in one, all with their own programs and services.

“To cut through the confusion, we promoted the Body Brain Fitness Program as its own entity with more emphasis on targeting the growing ageing population. The potential and opportunities are definitely there,” Wallace said.

According to Rehab on the Move Managing Director, Kate Loxton, C2M constructed a clear communication message and combined the marketing of the program in a way that made it effective as well as economical.

I have worked with other consultants and I have found that you often don’t really get what you want. Wallace listens well to everything you have to say and is quite intuitive of your needs, even if you are unable to articulate them very well.

Kate Loxton, Managing Director, Rehab on the Move.

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