Rehab on the Move launched its Body Brain Fitness (BBF) Program to help delay memory loss and slow down dementia as part of its extensive portfolio of services and programs.

Faced with the challenge of marketing to two distinct groups of people – the elderly and those with a disability – C2M Health devised a strategy that aligned the program under one banner.

According to Managing Director, Rehab on the Move, Kate Loxton, C2M Health constructed a clear communication message and combined the marketing of the program in a way that made it effective as well as economical.

Wallace Long from C2M Health has an infectious enthusiasm and he helped me see the bigger picture of what we were hoping to achieve. He identified potential communication avenues and broke it into manageable steps, clearly addressing the type of message, medium and timings.  We have so many different aspects to our business that I appreciated this approach, Ms Loxton said.

Ms Loxton said that she had also been happy with the quality of the design and writing and other aspects of the campaign and had found C2M Health flexible in adjusting material or with quickly coming up with alternatives.

“We are always given the opportunity to give truthful feedback and the initial cost estimate has been extremely accurate. I’ve worked with consultants before and that has not always been the case,” she said.

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